Interpreting Visions: A Necessity

There are many things that the Holy Spirit is doing in the last days that needs to be explained and taught by those who are maturing in the gifts of the Spirit. One of those areas is seeing visions. Seeing visions is one of the many promises in the Bible as evidenced of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Joel 2:28). Some visions need to be acknowledged. Others require more than just acknowledgment. Other vision needs to be interpreted, and others need to be prayed through.

What will happen if a vision is acknowledged or interpreted?

The recipient of the vision first has to identify that he is getting a vision. There are so many visions that is being poured out by the Holy Spirit but more than half of this is being ignored or taken as “this is only me”, and this could not be from the Holy Spirit. Because of that, so many of valuable promises, warning and encouragement of the Holy Spirit is being missed. When a vision is acknowledged, the recipient must describe what he received. The more accurate the description, the better it would be.

After the vision is described, what is next?

Once the vision is described, the recipient must judge the vision. There are visions that can explain itself, meaning, without further insight into it. Whereas most visions that I have encountered so far either from my own or from others, requires interpretation. Interpretation is the next step after the vision is described.

What if no one can interpret the vision?

It is a common thing to encounter this difficulty. Interpreting a vision requires perseverance and focus as you wait for the Holy Spirit to give to you the meaning. Sometimes it requires me days and sometimes weeks to interpret a vision. But when the interpretation comes, it comes in like a flood. Even Daniel have to wait for 21 days to get an interpretation of a vision that was given to him to the point of losing strength (Daniel 10:13). The Holy Spirit is looking for men and women who will have the patience to wait on Him to receive the meaning or the interpretation of a vision. The ranks of those who can wait are few. Our ministry is committed in raising up men and women who will move into this discipline of interpreting visions so that the Body of Christ  wil be edified on what is currently missing.

After I received the interpretation of the vision, what is next?

Since visions have different themes, the response could be different for each one. If a vision is a warning, then either you should cancel a plan of action or reject the idea if it is still in the planning stage. If the interpretation is a promise, then it is something that you should hold on to. If it is wisdom, then it is something that you have to ask God to give it to you. Vision needs to be judged from its context, then decide from there on what to do.

What if I will not receive the vision?

If you do not want to receive the vision either because of fear, ignorance or irrelevance, the Holy Spirit will not force it on you. In the same manner that salvation will not be pushed on you, it is the same thing when receiving for visions. The consequence though is something that you do not want to miss. When a vision is given, it is for a reason and for a purpose. God is not wasting your time and your attention. When you do not receive the vision, a promise could be missed, a provision could be missed, an encouragement could be missed, a danger could have been escaped and so on.

What is the difference between a dream and a vision?

A vision is something that the Holy Spirit will give to you in your conscious state. Meaning, you are aware of it. You can be in the middle of a prayer, work, doing laundry, plowing the snow, studying or singing and a vision can be dropped to you just like that. Sometimes it comes in as an insight and sometimes it is being given like a movie being downloaded before your eyes. A vision can last a few seconds or a minute.

The dream however is given in our subconscious state, that is, when we are sleeping.

How can I remember the vision that was given to me?

The easiest thing to do is to write them in a paper or record what you see by using your cellphone`s recorder so you will not forget about it.

If you have any visions that you received from the Holy Spirit or was spoken to you by someone else and until now you are still wondering on what is the meaning of it, try to e-mail it to us. Try to click the Contact Us button and we will be happy to do the service for you. Go to the DREAMS AND VISIONS link in this site and check out those that were interpreted. Yours can be next!

God bless and enjoy seeing!